Analytics and CRM, the cherry on the top?

Analytics and CRM, the cherry on the top?

If you looked into an apple orchard and saw no trees or a field that had no grass, you would find it strange. When I look into CRM with no analytics I get a similar feeling.

The purpose of CRM is to manage the relationship with our customers. This means that we record all customer transactions and contacts in order to have a better view of them. But most of the time, when we see a CRM implementation, this is the only thing that is done. With marketing campaigns, we always see traditional segmenting and targeting (gender, region, age, total purchases).

What about trying to understand trends and the behaviour of a customer, where we can see what makes them buy again. Being able to pinpoint certain customers to give special offers etc.

This is something that has not been done by most of the companies that run CRM due to the fact that the tools that allow companies to do this are extremely expensive and the access to this kind of technology is very restricted ($$$).

Now this situation has changed, there are solutions available that allow companies to take CRM into the next stage. DRI will soon announce a partnership with a company that provides an amazing analytical and data exploration tool that will make this possible for any company. Based on the Open Source model, you can have it free, and also over a commercial agreement that will extend some of its functionalities.  We will deliver this solution integrated with SugarCRM and with other existing CRM solutions.

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