Emil Kilhage
It's a challenge managing local customers and remote teams, but we are geared with a set of tools I love working with, and allow us to focus on what's important. — Emil Kilhage, Technical Project Manager
Clemente Raposo
Coding against requirements that match real life business problems is perfect for me. — Clemente Raposo, Software Engineer
Dora Bailão
With all kinds of projects in so many industries and domains, you do learn every day. — Dora Bailão, Project Manager
Diogo Correia
It's a rare opportunity to work in a company that embraces inputs as much as DRI does. It does feel like your voice is listened to, and that your input helped shape the company. — Diogo Correia, Web Developer
Paulo Mártires
In the early days, we had too many engineers, too much code, not enough design. Things have leveled out, though! — Paulo Mártires, Web & UX Lead

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