Streamlined Marketing at Roxtec

Sealing Systems Firm Boosts Effectiveness

The Challenge

Prior to 2006, Roxtec International AB did not have a consistent customer database. Its marketing and distribution teams employed independently developed, small-scale solutions based on Excel spreadsheets. Individual branches used isolated systems such as Sage SalesLogix and SuperOffice. With so many disparate systems, it was impossible to implement integrated and efficient CRM processes.

The Solution

A solution that could map and synchronize customer data on an international scale. Because the company’s culture and team structure varied from region to region, Roxtec needed to adapt Sugar to country-specific conditions. The CRM solution was made available online and based on an open architecture adapted to the company’s needs.

The Result

The company’s Sugar solution provides consistent customer data, simplifies management reporting, improves operational decision making, and streamlines email marketing. With Sugar, Roxtec has reduced the time spent on email marketing by 50 percent while boosting its effectiveness.

The Whole Story

Roxtec is a leading provider of modular sealing solutions for cable and pipe penetrations. The company was founded at Karlskrona, Sweden after the invention of the Multidiameter(™), which adapts to cables and pipes of different sizes and revolutionized cable routing and pipe installation processes. After unprecedented expansion, Roxtec is active in more than 70 countries with 21 subsidiaries and employs over 500 employees. In the 2010/2011 financial year, the company reported sales of 102 million euros.

The company began implementation of its Sugar solution in 2006 at its Swedish headquarters and then added 21 locations including China, USA, Brazil, India, Japan, and Germany.

“Sugar offered a robust, web-based, open source CRM solution at the best price-to-performance ratio, which was ideal for us. With Sugar’s open architecture, we could easily adapt our solution to the needs of each country.” — Matthias Brück, in-house CRM specialist, Roxtec

Today, Roxtec’s global Sugar solution provides consistent customer data across the company. It is used by over 300 employees for customer data management, distribution, marketing, and project coordination. Sugar has transformed the company’s email marketing and made it a powerful tool for customer retention.

By providing consistent customer data, Roxtec’s Sugar solution has simplified management reporting, improved operational decision making, and streamlined email marketing. Through its email campaigns, Roxtec provides information on new sealing systems to designers, builders, and installers. It also sends invitations to customers for product launches.

“Sugar has transformed our email marketing and made it a powerful tool for customer retention. Prior to Sugar, email campaigns were time-consuming because we had to collect customer data from many different sources.”  — Matthias Brück

Now, Roxtec’s email campaign process is completely automated, reducing the time spent on email marketing by 50 percent while boosting its effectiveness.

Sugar also allows staff to reliably track customer contact history and feedback from campaigns. This is particularly important since Roxtec’s office and field sales teams are organizationally separate. Sugar supplies the necessary transparency for optimal cooperation between them, providing contact status, ongoing activities and notes from conversations and meetings.